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Tips for Preparing Kids for a Move to a New Apartment

Family In Their New Apartment
Moving to a new apartment can be both exciting and scary for all members of the family. Although the move can be an ultimately positive experience, children may need a little help adjusting to the idea of moving to a new apartment home. Follow these tips to make the transition easier for your kids.
Talk to Kids About the Move as Soon as It's Confirmed
Although you may want to put off sharing news about the move, it's best to start preparing kids as soon as the move is confirmed. Bring it up by asking open-ended questions and acknowledging your children's feelings about the move. Kids are likely to respond well when you validate their feelings. Some questions you may want to ask include:
  • How do you feel about moving to a new home?
  • What will you miss about this home?
  • What are some of the cool things you'd like to do in the new home?
  • What are some of the fears you have about moving?
  • How can you make friends in the new neighborhood?
  • What can you do to stay in touch with friends in this neighborhood?
  • How do you think the moving process works?
  • What do you want to know about the new home?
  • How do you want your room in the new home to be different than your current room?
  • What do you wish that everyone understood about how the move makes you feel?
  • How would you handle the move if you were the parent?
Don't be afraid if your children initially express only negative feelings about the move. Simply let them express their feelings without trying to control those feelings. By acknowledging the bad feelings and discussing the realities of the move, children can start to feel better and change their minds about the move.
Lead by Example
Not all moves are welcomed. If you are moving because of monetary concerns, the end of a lease, or any other negative reason, still try to embrace the situation. Speak about the move as a positive thing in front of your children. If your kids see that you're upset about moving to a new apartment, they are likely to be upset too.
This doesn't mean that you lie to your children. If your kids are angry because you are moving to a smaller home, let them know that the situation is beyond your control. Simply put a positive spin on things any chance you get.
For example, you may point out the good things about the move. Although children may be getting a smaller room, the new neighborhood may be closer to a park or come with a swimming pool. Let kids know that they have the chance to decorate a new room any way they want. Accentuating the positive will help kids learn to do the same throughout the moving process.
Empower Your Children With Choices
Let children make as many choices as possible during the moving process. Kids may feel scared of the changes that a move will bring into their lives. When you offer them choices, you show them that you trust their judgment and that they have control over many aspects of their lives.
How many choices you give children depends on many factors. Younger kids can be offered simple choices such as which bedspread they want to use in their new room. If your children are older and you value their input, you may take them to see an apartment you're interested in. Kids who help choose their new home may more fully embrace it and get excited about moving in.
Finally, one of the best gifts you can give your family is a great new apartment home where you can make great new memories together. For help finding just the right apartment for your family's needs, contact Montgomery Realtors. We are dedicated to helping residents find the best housing throughout the Louisville area and would love to help you discover your new home.