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Third-Floor Apartments: 3 Considerations Before Moving on Up

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Living high up in a third-story apartment building has several advantages including great views, privacy, and fewer worries about flooding or other weather elements. When choosing a third-story apartment rental, some considerations come into play before making the final decision.
Understanding the logistics and access to the apartment can help set up expectations and allow you to know exactly what you're getting with the apartment rental. As you browse apartments, having questions for realtors gives you all the information you need so you're not surprised in the future.
Browse through various third-floor features and questions so you can have everything answered and understand exactly what you're getting with a third-story rental.

1. Roof-Top Access

As a renter on the third-floor, you may have access to extra privileges depending on the building's design. One of these options may be rooftop access. Getting access to a roof can greatly expand the available space in your apartment.
On a roof, you have the ability to enjoy the outdoors, relax, and get some fresh air. For some, the roof can be a great place to socialize, barbecue, and host gatherings. For others, it can be an ideal place to read a book, plant a garden, or meditate.
With a third-story rental, you can have easy access to the roof and really utilize the space as you wish. Every apartment building is different, so it's important to find out about any possible roof access on buildings you are touring.

2. Furnishings

The logistics of moving into a third-story apartment can be a little more complicated than something on the first level. You have to consider the furniture you are bringing and the space available to move it inside the actual apartment.
Do you have a bed frame, a couch, or large appliances? Before you purchase anything or prepare the moving trucks, it's important to get any questions answered about the furnishings you have available in the apartment.
One of the main questions you should ask involves the furnishing of appliances. Tthe apartment may include large appliances like refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, and washers. The inclusion of large appliances can make a big difference as you move in and out of a third-story apartment.
Moving into an apartment that is fully furnished will make things a lot easier and help you save money when hiring a moving crew. Once you know what items come with the apartment, you can determine what items you actually need to bring and what pieces you need to sell, donate, or place into storage.

3. Mobility Access

The daily exercise you can get from climbing three flights of stairs is great, but there may be multiple mobility questions you have when it comes to renting an apartment on the third-floor. One of the main questions that come to mind is elevator access.
If a three-story building has an elevator, accessing your third floor will be a lot easier. Carrying groceries, laundry, and things for work is a lot easier when you can just hop on an elevator and ride up.
When it comes to stairs, you should see the location of the stairs and the ways to access them. For example, exterior staircases can be exhausting in extreme heat or a pain in the rain. If the stairs are indoors or covered, the daily climbing can make a huge difference and be a much easier task.
Many apartments will have multiple ways to access the upper floors, so learning about each one will give you all the proper information before making your final decision.
Browse apartments and see some third-story options with Montgomery Realtors. We can help you find the apartment that fits all your needs and criteria.