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Apartment Shopping? What to Consider

Family In New Apartment
The experience of choosing and moving into an apartment can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. Knowing what factors to consider can make the experience a more positive one. Here's what you need to think about when looking at all of your apartment housing options. 
Storage Space
Storage space is critical. The more storage space that is found in a small apartment, the easier it will be to keep the space organized and tidy. When walking through apartments, take note of the number of cabinets found in the kitchen, and the number of closets found throughout.
Specifically, check that each bedroom has a closet. Open the closets to note how many shelves and how much space each closet provides. Look for at least one closet in a hallway or the living room for storing items like a vacuum cleaner, jackets, or towels.
Some apartment complexes provide a specific parking space for each resident, while other complexes provide open, free parking to anyone who needs it. When taking note of the parking spaces, find out whether or not they are assigned or are open to anyone.
If the spaces are assigned, ask to see where they are located and find out how many spaces are provided with each apartment. Make a note of parking conditions to ensure that you feel safe and the apartment is easily accessed from the parking lot.
Bottom Floor versus Top Floor
Apartments on the bottom floor are often easy to access. For someone with a disability or physical limitations, the bottom floor may be ideal. However, noises from upper floor apartments can be heard from the bottom floor. If you're sensitive to noises, upper floor apartments may be quieter and more peaceful.
Indoor and Outdoor Communal Space
Some apartments have an indoor communal space, like an exercise room, a television room, or a game room. It's also typical for apartments to have outdoor space for residents to use. Sometimes this outdoor space includes a pool, grill, or playground for children. Ask about these amenities and include them in your tour if they're important to you.
Note the condition of the facilities and ask yourself questions as you tour each area. Is the carpet worn? Is the space attractive? Can you see yourself using this space on a regular basis? What would you change? Ask about the hours of availability and what rules residents are asked to follow when using the communal space. 
Commuting distance and time spent commuting can have an impact on your quality of life. Note where the apartment is located, what it is close to, how long you'll have to drive to go to the places you frequent, and whether or not public transportation is available.
Even if you don't use public transportation normally, you may still need it in the future. Ask yourself questions like, what places are within walking distance of the apartment? What is traffic like in the neighborhood, and how does traffic change throughout the day? 
Roommate Accommodations
If you need a roommate, think about what it will be like to live with another person in each space you consider. Are the rooms next to each other or down the hall from each other? Is the living room large enough that you'll be able to use the space together without getting in each other's way? Are there two bathrooms? If not, can you share a bathroom with someone else without trouble? Ask yourself these questions before making a final decision.
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